Message from the Council of 13 November 2014. It´s time, it´s time. You are calling yourself home.


Message from the Council of 13, a galactic message from our space brothers and sisters received by Grace Antara Ma November 2014.

It´s time, it´s time. You are calling yourself home.

Be blessed, beloved masters. This is the Conglomerate of 13, also known as the Council of 13. We are the ones amongst you here and now speaking to you from the higher realms, not to be seen or perceived as some beings different to you. In fact it is you speaking to you. It is a response to the yearning in your heart. You are calling yourself home, you are reminding yourself, that the time is nearing to our coming together, to our reunion. This union is not only to be seen as a coming together in the physcial, yet the ships are ready, the ships are nearing and standing by waiting for the right moment, where we can actually appear (be seen) in your physical reality, this however is dependent on your ability to arrrive home within your self, to acknowledge yourself as a galactic being of light having come to this planet to bring light and anchor christ consciousness. You are far more than that, which you define as a human being, that is only a tiny part of who you are. This is only a role, which you have dressed up as in this time to allow you to make an experience in this physical realm as masters of light, as galactic beings to support this planet in ascending into oneness and reinstalling heaven on earth to this planet, to end the war, the greed exploiting the human heart caused by thousands of years of deterioration of human consciousness.
It has brought you farther and farther away from truth, from the light, that is your divine essence and that which has brought you into life and enabled you to make this earthly experience and now beloved sister, beloved brother, the time, the time of returning home is only a moment away, it is only a decision to be taken within you to accept yourself as a galactic being of light – meaning that you will transcend the misconcept, that you were born into a restricted time frame on this planet living here to finally die thru a linear process of decay… Until you transcend the belief that you are made of solid matter, you will not be able to make the experience of yourself as light, which in truth is what you are made up of…..until you let go of the limited belief that you are bound by the borders of your body and limited by the physical vehicle that you inhabit. It is with urgency beloved masters, that you break the walls of limitations, the limitations that you have been raised to believe in. The borders that have kept you from experiencing yourself as a galactic being of light, which is able to transcend time and space, which is able to create thru focused thought and divine intent from the tiny space of your heart, from the zero point of which all creation takes place. There is no chance of you achieving the necessary vibratory rate as long as you perceive yourself as solid matter limited to a human body. The higher aspect of you are working together with great effort with your galactic sisters and brothers working from the higher realms to allow you to experience more and more of your multidimensionality, as your body is transformed and reconfigurated down to dna level. New pathways are being constructed within your brain, your central nervous system is being recalibrated to responding to new frequencies. This is all an alchemical process that is taken place within your bodies. And some of you struggle a lot, or should we say fight against those frequencies as they are “forcing” you into experiencing yourself far beyond, what you thought possible, tearing down the walls of safety of the limited beliefs, that your ego has guarded so long. However the increased light frequencies are pulling away the foundation, the fundament on which you have built your beliefs about who you are and about your physical reality. And the struggle that some of you are going thru is causing a lot of chaos in your mind and in your life. There is actually a revolution taking place within your mind and therefore some of you cannot seem to find sense in your lives anymore. Where you used to feel clarity, you feel lost and without anything “solid” or concrete to hold on to. Everything is dissolving and crumbling in the increased light pouring into this planet. The waves of the solar storms and rays of light are transforming everything stagnant or solid in nature and frequency. You are forced to leave the sinking ship, which you are aboard.
Yes you asked to embrace the allmighty power, which is your godgiven gift to create an image of yourself as a true master and sovereign being of light in command of your reality and to slip-into that image and live from its frequency in coherence with the cosmic laws. To do this however it is demanded that you let go of two of your most treasured beliefs, namely that time exists and that you are a human being doomed to die. Because it is exactly because of these two beliefs, that you are held in fear and in separation from your godself. It is those two beliefs that keep you trapped in the density and laws of the physical realms. How to transcend these beliefs… ? Yes beloved masters take on your free will to choose and to make use of your imagination and ability to create any reality that you desire. Create an image of yourself as a galactic being of light, eternal, infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent. Treasure this image, cultivate it with your energy and intent each day, because this image will bloom into reality like a flower, that opens and more and more it will become your reality and experience of yourself, depending on your ability… and when we say ability we mean your dedication and intent to create as a sovereign being and you shall be able to bring this image into life in an instant all depending on how much energy, intent and time you limitate yourself to make use of. Remember we told you time does not exist, so if you limitate yourself to believe that time exist, you will make yourself restricted by this in your manifestations. The expanded version of yourself very well knows that time is an illusion, that is held together by your mind construct, which is a part of who you are in this reality. But as we said you are more than this mind construct, as such it is only a tiny part of your human makeup. So beloved masters discern and make use of your energy, of your thoughts in a way that supports you in seeing beyond the limitations, that have kept you trapped to this point. Live from the now, from your heart space, live in the image of your galactic mulitiple self, live in the sovereignty of your galactic I Am Presence. There is no space for excuses anymore, no energy to be wasted on what keeps you trapped in the human experience, because the life you have been living is crumbling down and the more you hold onto it, the faster it crumbles, the more confusion and chaos you will experience within your mind and in your external reality. We tell you this not to put pressure on you, but to encourage you and to remind you, that you are able to take this step this very moment and there is no way that you can fail, if you devote yourself with all your heart to see yourself as who you truly are. But we ask you to let go of the two biggest illusions in your life, namely those of time and death. This will be your freedom and ticket into becoming who you are, into becoming the true creator god, that you are. And you will arrive home and find yourself amongst your galactic family and “their” lightships, that you are waiting for. You will realise that those ships of light are just appearances in physical form of something much grander, namely a great collective of awareness, a conglomerate of different frequencies, that might take form in the physical or not. When you have reached the necessary awareness and vibratory rate you will transcend the need to see and experience those ships in their densified form and experience yourself already “aboard” and understand that these words spoken are spoken from yourself to yourself. That we have never been separated ever. Welcome home, it´s time, it´s time. We envelope you in the diamond rays of light, in the mastery of your galactic being and welcome you aboard. Be blessed. Transmission received by Grace Antara Ma, november 2014. Feel welcome to pass on and share this transmission with credit and link to my website


Collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your ecstatic body

Please first read thru the channeling once and a second time to do the healing ritual. You may repeat the ritual to deepen the experience and cleanse deeper layers as you are ready and able to let go.


Collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your ecstatic body by Mary Magdalene

Urgent Calling for a collective womb cleansing by Mary Magdalen received by Grace Antara Ma July 22nd 2014:

Beloved sisters, beloved brothers, this is I Mary Magdalene. I great you on behalf of the goddess that lives, breathes and vibrates thru all living beings, thru all living things, the seed that gives birth to everything, nurtures and expands the love, that permeates every living organism on this beloved planet. I call upon you dear ones with urgency in my heart for a collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your deepest ability to feel, to feel with your heart and with every living fibre of your being unfiltered, uncensored, unrestrained and to connect with your ecstatic body, which is often referred to as your pain body. And indeed indeed there are reason why many refer to this divine tool…

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The web of love

As opposed to a common misconcept love does not hurt. What hurts is when we close our heart to love, when we judge others and engage in hate, condemnation or hold others in a vibration less than love. When doing so, we go against our very nature and this causes deep “wounds” in our heart and violates ALL life… and thus we inflict pain on ourself too.

Because we are all connected by a web of love…. by energetical “threads” like in a cobweb. So when we think negative thoughts it is transmitted as “information” into the web and it affects the whole including ourself. In truth in our innermost core there is an innate love to ALL of existence. But when we separate ourself from this truth and disregard this source of love, we inflict pain not only on our self but on the whole as well.

When you catch yourself in judging or condemning others or self, connect with your innermost core and forgive and feel that beneath the negative emotion, love abides. Those who are in pain and treat others in abusive ways most of all needs our love, not our condemnation. Exercise forgiveness and send the information of love into the web and keep a pure vibration of love. This is a wonderful way to serve the whole and disengage from the illusion of separation and a powerful way to disconnect from the belief that love hurts.

Be the angel of love that you truly are independent of what others do. It is your choice and a gift of love not only to self but to whole of existence. It will expand your heart and ability to vibrate and radiate love immensely and animate others to do the same, when they are ready. ~ Grace Antara Mamandalaofjoy

Collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your ecstatic body

Urgent Calling for a collective womb cleansing by Mary Magdalen received by Grace Antara Ma July 22nd 2014, a gift of love on her day of celebration:

Beloved sisters, beloved brothers, this is I Mary Magdalene. I great you on behalf of the goddess that lives, breathes and vibrates thru all living beings, thru all living things, the seed that gives birth to everything, nurtures and expands the love, that permeates every living organism on this beloved planet. I call upon you dear ones with urgency in my heart for a collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your deepest ability to feel, to feel with your heart and with every living fibre of your being unfiltered, uncensored, unrestrained and to connect with your ecstatic body, which is often referred to as your pain body. And indeed indeed there are reason why many refer to this divine tool as a pain body…. a divine instrument that was given to you by source to ensure your divine connection and exchange with source at all times. For thousands of years many wars were fought in the name of controle and surpression and male superiority, a battle between mind and heart, between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A battle that left innumerous wounds in you over many many lifetimes, where you allowed yourself to be ruled and controled by a patriach mind structure and belief system, where you allowed yourself to be abused, to be taken advantage of, surpressed and belittled to the point, that you could no longer handle feeling it. This is the main reason why grounding has been and still is a major problem to many women, because throughout history it was necessary for you to either leave your body as a way of avoiding to feel or to close down your ability to feel thru your heart to an absolute minimum for your survival and as a result you disconnected with your ecstatic body, your physical body and planetary body.

Yes indeed many of you have been doing intensive inner work to heal those inner wounds and have also become very aware of where it has limited you in the expression of your divine feminine aspect. However a majority of humans currently incarnated only use a very limited part of their ability to feel. To give you an impression of the current situation 90% only use some 10% of their full capacity feeling potential. And some 10% have transformed and reconnected to 90% of their feeling potential. You might say well I do surrender to my feelings, I do feel strongly…. but what does that imply…. you might have learnt to accept and embrace the shadow aspects of self and the pains of the past, but how does it look like when it comes to feeling the ecstacy, that runs thru your veins and expresses itself as your kundalini…. This is the pathway, this is the portal without which you will not be able to feel with your full divine potential and it is with urgency that I invite you to take this step, which is vital for your ascension.

Even those amongst you that feel that you have already healed your divine feminine only use a minimum of your entire spectrum to feel, because even though you may have transformed your individual personal wounds, there is still the collective body of the divine feminine, which I refer to as the collective womb, which you are all part of, also those of you currently inhabating a male body. You are connected to this collective womb throughout all times and it is thru this living organism, that you are able to feel (with) all living beings on this planet and beyond. However there is so much pain, so much distress, so much anger stored in this collective body (womb), that you will not be able to truly connect with your full divine potential to love, until these distorted energies of victimhood, of surpression and abuse are transmuted and brought into their “healed form”. The guilt, the shame, the abomination lies upon this body as a dark shadow and you need to strip of this shadow like a snake shedding its skin to rebirth itself.

I ask you to now join me in this healing ritual and to call upon all the women in you, the women that you have embodied and expressed thru thousands of years, of all cultures, of all ages, call upon them to gather with all the women of your lineage of this incarnation, have them join hands, have them unite with the sisterhood, no one is excluded, no one is judged for what she did or what she experienced. Place your hand on your heart and forgive yourself in each one of them for having allowed yourself to be used and abused and taken advantage of, for having allowed yourself to be treated disrespectful, for being dishonored and disempowered, for having allowed yourself to play weak and inable, for having allowed yourself to resign and turning your back at your soul and disconnect with the divine feminine power aspect of self……… all because of fear of being rejected and abandoned. All because of depending on the love of external sources.

You may now open your eyes and inner vision again and see the full picture, you may now speak out your truth without fearing the repurcussions, you may now allow yourself to feel again to your full potential and ability, you may now allow yourself to stay “in body” without any need to escape and to feel freely and intensely with your ecstatic body the truth of who you are. Because the past has taught you that nothing has the power to harm you, unless you give your power away. You have grown and learnt that “weakness” can be a means to the greatest of strenghts, you have learnt to trust yourself and stand on your own feet in the middle of a battlefield and survive, you have matured and awakened to the inherent strength that lies within your very essence. And thru the power of forgiveness and genuine compassion and self love you are able to close the wounds of the past in all your female aspects throughout time and space and thereby close the wound of every woman on this planet beyond time and space. Even if you are currently incarnated in a male body all the women you have incarnated as in previous lifetimes will be healed thru this act of self love. Invite those aspects of you that you have discredited, disowned or disconnected with because of shame, because of anger and self condemnation or simply because they were too hard to bear, call them back home to you now, take them into your embrace, hug them and tell them how deeply you love them, share your compassion and let the nectar of forgiveness surround them like a healing cloth. Tell your ecstatic body to let go of all the memories and all the emotions………………………………………………… (breathe deeply as you let go and take as much time as needed until you continue)……………………………………………………….. give thanks to your body for having held those energies to this moment of homecoming, so that you may never forget those lessons gained of victimhood and surpression. Now if you feel ready give yourself permission to feel again in the power of your I Am Presence to your fullest capacity and to fully embody and feel with your ecstatic body and reconnect with the divine feminine, the vibrant living goddess in you and in all living beings. Imagine your womb as as part of a huge womb, the womb of Gaia, the mother of all mothers, (you may envision the entire planet within your womb)………………………….. now see the violet fire of transmutation flaring up and consuming all the memories, all the pictures, all the negative emotions, that held you in victimhood……….. take your time and simply let the pictures, the feelings filter thru you and into the earth without dwelling with them………………… hold the vision until you feel lighter and more at ease….. let the violet fire consume all the energies, that have kept you from expressing and feeling to your fullest capacity. (continue when you feel ready). As you begin to feel free and joyfull envision the sacred cobra awaken and rising in your womb dancing in the violet fire, spiraling higher and higher as it cleans and paves the way for the kundalini and opens the doorway to your ecstatic body and spirit to join forces in your pineal gland……………………………… surrender without fear………. let your self go………… see the cobra dance and shed its skin rising in a liguid golden dress now shining above your crown twisting and turning before it comes to a rest fully awakened, fully empowered, fully activated orgasmic energy floating your every cell and taking up space in you as you re-turn to your divine essence and vibrate the living ecstacy, the creative life force that created you and all living things and thru which you are connected with all-that-is and of which your body temple was created, your divine vessel, that hosts your soul………………………………………………………………..
Enjoy the expansion in your heart and in every cell and atom of your being………… just float and BE in this space as long as you feel like and continue, when you feel ready. And now that the wound of the divine feminine has been closed, now that the divine goddess in you has found peace within her very being, she can now forgive all the men, that took advantage of her, that abused her, that forced her to her knees, with the understanding that they themselves had wounds on their own divine feminine aspect, that they themselves became subject to their own surpression and were inable to feel,because they had rejected and disconnected with their divine feminine aspect, the goddess within, because they themselves caused their own fall of awareness thru their choice to disconnect from their heart and intuitive side and let themselves be ruled by their egoic mind and masculine aspect of superiority, dominance and controle. Now forgive them, embrace them, hug them and let them feel the love, that they withheld from themselves, the deep surrender that they longed for, that will allow their wound to close…..invite them to start feeling again… thru your compassion and unconditional love ………….. take as much time as needed and continue.

Thru healing the wound in them also the divine masculine in you will find expression in its healed form and so the divine feminine and masculine can merge and unite with one another and surrender into BE-ing beyond feelings of inferiority or superiority, of victim and abuser, but seeing the other as an expression and extension of self. Breathe deeply into this forming vortex of oneness and ecstatic feeling of freefalling into the cosmic womb of expanded growing awareness, a pulsation in sync with all of creation, your true home. Thank you beloved hearts for having the courage to journeying thru time and space of pain and surpression to reclaim your power. Your intuition, your vision and telepathic abilities will increase dramatically as a result of this reconnection with and grounding of your ecstatic body and it will ensure your smooth ascension and embodiment of the omnipresence of god/goddess, your I Am Presence in divine equilibrium and unison with all-that-is. You are deeply loved. Each of you are an immesurable gift to the planet. On the behalf of the sisterhood, this is Mary Magdalene giving honor to the goddess in each one of you for your devoted service. Be blessed.
Received thru Grace Antara Ma, Juli 22nd 2014. Feel free to share with credit and reference to

Relationships is a means to evolve and expand into more love


There is no such thing as a failed relationship. All relationships brings about what we need to experience…. we need not judge it into good and bad, but view it from the higher perspective of the soul. How painful it may be, how abusive or hurtful it may seem, it always serve our highest good and brings light to those aspects in us, where we withhold love to self, where we are not in integrity with self and in alignment with our heart truth. When and where do we compromise self….? As such all relationships are a gift and a potential for growth. It is crucial to refrain from judging or blaming others as well as oneself, as this only keeps us trapped in the Illusion of Separation (which equals withholding love to self). Whatever we disown, discredit and judge are aspects of self, that we have not yet integrated into our Being and will keep us from feeling WHOLE until we get it and hence will keep being mirrored to us thru the partners that we attract. Being thankful and embracing the gifts offered for healing and making the needed changes is paramount, which is usually a need for honoring, accepting and loving self without conditions and not allowing ourself to be motivated by less than love…. and to grant our partner as well as ourself the freedom and space needed, that allow both to thrive and evolve.
Having a deeper look at any outdated behaviours and thought patterns is a means to gain insight to where we give our power away and when we are motivated by ego (controle) and not our heart (freedom), when we look for others to “replace” the inner Beloved, our own essence of love and feel dependent on others to feel loved. Because in truth all relationships is only a reflection of our relationship with self and shows us exactly where we stand. ~woman-walking-along-the-road-with-suitcase-and-balloons
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Playing the blame-game keeps you trapped in separation and suffering

Playing the blame-game is the very fundament of duality – me versus them – victim versus abuser. You cannot expect to achieve peace within as long as you live from this mindset. By judging and blaming others you give your power away… aka you deny responsability for your own reality and life circumstances. However no one has the power over your life….. unless you give them permission to do so .….. you are faced with the freedom to choose on and on and what you choose is determinded by the belief system and the mindset you live by. Having an inner check-up of your mindset and beliefs with sincerity and honesty will show you where you make others responsabile for your life. Ask your inner guidance to show you where you withhold love to self, where you give your power away….. see and behold you shall be shown…. and now it is up to you to reclaim it….. and there you go the freedom of responsability is so much more fulfilling and freeing, than being caught in the prison of blame and disempowerment. ~ Grace Antara Ma